Finally getting @AlexiLalas some shopping in and this is what he wants @BrooksBrothers #HelpHimPlease

Athlete and Television Analyst | Brooks Brothers
Brooks Brothers jumped on a celeb’s Tweet and turned it into a social care moment worth sharing.

How Brooks Brothers turned a celebrity Tweet into a serious social win

Brooks Brothers has been in business for nearly two centuries, but that hasn’t stopped them from turning to the latest platforms and social networks to ensure that their customers are given the best customer care in the business. To keep up with a Twitter following of over 60,000, the first-class retailer employed Spredfast to manage their social conversations and surface the strongest content from their audience. Using two Spredfast solutions, Brooks Brothers pinpointed a celebrity’s Tweet to the brand and turned it into a wildly successful consumer experience—and social win.

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Brooks Brothers’ Social Team used Spredfast Conversations to unearth a Tweet by ESPN Analyst and retired soccer player, Taylor Twellman. Twellman tweeted that he was at a Brooks Brothers store helping his friend and fellow retired soccer player, Alexi Lalas, find a pair of shoes. Almost immediately, the Brooks Brothers team sprung into action, and used Spredfast Intelligence to track the story.

How they made it work:

  • Jumped on the opportunity to help the customer, researching to find out which store and city the two friends were shopping in and confirming with the store manager which shoes Alexi tried on.
  • Delivered the suede bucks to Twellman’s hotel with a note suggesting he send them to Alexi as a surprise gift on behalf of the brand.
  • After Alexi tweeted a picture of his new shoes, the Brooks Brothers Social Team used Spredfast Intelligence to monitor social buzz about the brand.
After they sent out the surprise gift, the Brooks Brothers Social Team used Intelligence to monitor the story as it unfolded, allowing them to track participation from the star soccer players’ 550K+ followers.