The idea was to give attendees an experience that they couldn’t get anywhere else.

Senior Manager of Digital & Social Media | Chip Ganassi Racing


Hear Sam explain how Spredfast boosted the reach of Chip Ganassi Racing’s Sound Garage event.

How Chip Ganassi Racing cracked the millennial market with one concert

Chip Ganassi Racing faced a problem: their audience was aging and more connected to a particular car or driver than to the sport in general. To keep momentum and build fandom, Ganassi needed to reach a new audience—millennials—in a new way. With that newly expanded audience, the team could also count on unique new sponsorship opportunities.

The answer was an event called Sound Garage, which Ganassi supported using two Spredfast solutions: Intelligence and Experiences. Sound Garage was a VIP concert experience held in a race shop for millennial social fans.

“The primary goal for this entire event was user-generated content that promoted the event itself.” — Sam Pierce

Attendees year over year
Potential reach

Ganassi's plan was to invite local and regional influencers to the event, anticipating that the content they created while at the concert would carry the brand's name throughout their social networks. To identify and invite these regional influencers, Ganassi relied on Spredfast Intelligence.

Then, at the event, Ganassi needed to make sure those influencers spread social word of mouth by creating authentic content around the event, carrying Ganassi’s name along with the buzz. Social data informed Ganassi’s strategy and boosted the influence of the event, which was in its second year.

“Year one, we didn’t have Spredfast,” Pierce says. “This year, we realized we really needed something to track start to finish.

Spredfast Experiences at the live event encouraged participation, which amplified the brand’s message through each participant’s network—and provided additional, innovative sponsorship opportunities that spoke directly to the millennial audience they sought to engage.

How they made it work:

  • Used Spredfast Intelligence to set KPIs and identify regional influencers ahead of the event.
  • Used Experiences mosaics flanking both sides of the concert platform to showcase in-venue content and live stream interactive content.
  • Offered activation displays for brands, such as Target, in the form of fan mosaics, getting brands directly in front of millennial fans in an authentic way.
  • Created hashtag environments to encourage millennial participation and avoid brand fatigue.
  • Tracked conversation and peak engagement points with Intelligence to influence next year’s event and unearth new sponsorship opportunities.
“One thing we know about millennials is that they don’t want you to tell them what they need to do. They don’t want it to be fully branded, and they want it to be a personal experience.” — Sam Pierce, Senior Manager of Digital & Social Media | Chip Ganassi Racing