By using Spredfast, we're able to see, manage, get ahead of and dive into our customer conversations effectively and efficiently.

Christy Belden Director of Digital Media | Norton Healthcare
With the help of Spredfast, Norton Healthcare skyrocketed their social—even in a highly regulated space.

How Norton Healthcare Boosted Engagement 716% in One Year

In a highly regulated industry, it’s challenging to make an impact in social—just ask Norton Healthcare. The same privacy regulations that give patients comfort also constrict how providers connect with patients and consumers on social media. As one of Kentucky's largest healthcare systems, Norton Healthcare has more than 40 locations in and around the Louisville area, and a large audience to keep informed and engaged at all times.


To balance the fine line of protecting patients’ information, while also enhancing their brand via social, Norton Healthcare needed to leverage the right technology and social strategies.


Before Spredfast, Norton Healthcare did little in the way of tracking and reporting, and focused their content on informative thought leadership material from in-house experts. However, by focusing on bringing personality to healthcare through storytelling, Norton Healthcare has seen soaring success on social. By using Spredfast to track each approach and campaign, they have been able to realize the value of their enhanced social strategy, which includes a staggering 715% increase of YOY engagement on social.

In addition, Norton Healthcare has invested in social media to make major public announcements, and has trusted Spredfast as the platform to execute them. For example, when one of Norton Healthcare’s hospital centers—Norton Children’s Hospital—opened a new Pediatric ICU and at the same time received a $2M donation, they used Spredfast to publish the announcement on social. By doing so, they were able to gauge the performance of the announcement, which received a massive increase in engagement with an average of 271 likes, shares, and comments per post on this campaign—a 155% increase in engagement from their average post.

YOY Impressions
YOY engagement on social
YOY Increase in Twitter followers across handles

How they made it work:

  • Beefed up content tracking in Spredfast Conversations, going from using just two generic labels—Kid and Adult—to over 30 labels, including Women 45+ and NICU
  • Used storytelling to build brand love and help educate the community on their hospitals and healthcare in general
  • Leveraged robust labeling system to track their content success and improve underperforming areas
  • Published announcements on social using Spredfast to measure the performance of the posts


Before using Spredfast to track the performance of their content, Norton Healthcare’s average engagement—or average of likes, retweets, and shares—was 343, with an average post engagement of 13. Fast forward to a new-and-improved social media strategy coupled with the right technology to support it, and a lot has changed. Norton Healthcare now sees an average post engagement of 106—an increase of 715% YOY engagement on social.

Norton Healthcare used creative storytelling to build serious social brand love.