Spredfast + Synthesio helps us manage our growth, in terms of how many customer service issues we’re handling.

Social Listening and Community Outreach Manager | Smarty Social Media

How Smarty Social Media Uses Spredfast + Synthesio for Broader Insights and Smarter Campaigns

Smarty Social Media’s clients have serious social needs: one in particular is an FDA-regulated company, so monitoring social platforms isn’t just a smart way to build a customer base and interact with fans—it’s a legal necessity. Smarty Social Media must track and monitor all conversations around their client’s product—both in terms of FDA-approved product use and off-label product use—so they can alert their client to any adverse reactions customers may experience. Their client is required by the FDA to address all adverse events.

It was an easy transition to Spredfast, and we were super impressed with everything they had to offer. — Jamie Dadant

With such high stakes, Smarty Social Media needed a social monitoring tool they could trust to pull in insights from across the web—beyond just mentions and hashtags—and they wanted everything in one place. The Spredfast + Synthesio partnership made both possible.

more followers across all channels
YOY consumer service issues handled
faster Twitter response time

How they made it work:

  • Integrated Spredfast + Synthesio so they can: listen to total social mentions of their client’s product and see the breakdown by platform, understand the overall sentiment of social mentions about their client’s product, understand how their client is performing in the market, identify pre-purchase intent trends, and track their client’s competitors.
  • Use Spredfast to build and run campaigns, identify trends, and engage with their client’s audience.
  • Measure performance and market impact with Synthesio, including pulling in a stream from Synthesio and filtering FDA-related mentions to ensure proper monitoring for FDA regulations.
  • Export a full, consolidated data report to present to their client to demonstrate the amount of social volume Smarty Social Media handles, and to help their client understand the types of conversations that are occurring around their brand.

“It’s critical that we have really dependable platforms so we can track everything that we need to track, not just as our client’s support, but also from an FDA-regulated standpoint.” — Jamie Dadant


With Spredfast and Synthesio, Smarty Social Media is able to handle a large volume of issues in less time. The integration helps the team respond more quickly because they’re able to sift through mentions more efficiently, “only tagging the relevant mentions, instead of untagging all the noise,” as Dadant explains. She adds: “We wanted a tool with integration capabilities so that we can do all our day-to-day activities in one platform. The integration options were a key point for us, especially when we decided to go with Synthesio."

Smarty Social Media work with Spredfast and Synthesio alike to fulfill their clients' social media needs.