With Spredfast, we can dig deep into real-time data to see consumer conversations, and contribute to them in meaningful ways.

VP of Digital | Edelman
DMI and Edelman created an on-site newsroom to unearth conversations and topics important to consumers.

How Spredfast helped the dairy industry effectively tell its story

In today’s complex communication world, people get information from a myriad of sources – blogs, social networks, traditional news, search engines, and their peers. To address this new reality on how to reach and engage consumers in a digital world, Dairy Management, Inc. (the farmer-funded marketing arm for the U.S. dairy industry), in partnership with Edelman, sought to unite the dairy industry with a consistent voice to combat pervasive misinformation about dairy.

DMI established an on-site creative newsroom in 2012 to create content based on conversations and topics important to consumers and build stronger connections with those audiences. In partnership with Edelman, DMI began leveraging Spredfast Intelligence in 2015 to gain real-time insight into trending topics and conversations, ensuring DMI’s content is timely and relevant for key stakeholders. Additionally, they began using Spredfast Conversations to build deeper connections through meaningful conversations with their audience of +334K and the broader social community.

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65 dairy partners helped amplify and push out the Udder Truth campaign, a campaign created to debunk dairy myths that had previously dominated the dairy conversation.

How they made it work:

  • Used insights from online conversation to launch Dairy Good, the publishing platform operated by the newsroom, giving the dairy industry a way to connect, engage and share information with consumers through omnichannel content.
  • Source and create newsroom content utilizing Spredfast technology to identify key trends and terms that effectively bridge the gap between the dairy industry and consumer conversations.
  • Take action on insights from Intelligence using Spredfast Conversations to engage consumers and share content on topics that matter most to them.
  • Inspire advocacy on DMI’s behalf around a unified message, driving engagement and participation in social conversations, and building deeper connections and trust with consumers.
DMI used Intelligence to identify The Onion as a key media partner, reaching +24 million people through a partnership