We jumped at the chance to create a very different kind of campaign: purpose-driven & targeted to social-savvy LGBT millennials.

Sharon Strategy Director at McCann New York | Lucky Charms
To create a meaningful, values-driven social good campaign, Lucky Charms celebrated diversity by engaging social-savvy LGBT millennials and their allies.

See how Lucky Charms won big with their #LuckyToBe campaign

During Pride Month, General Mills partnered with Spredfast and McCann New York to celebrate diversity with a campaign around the Lucky Charms brand. The campaign took on a life of its own through social engagement, offering 125 million impressions at a fraction of the cost of television or banner ads. By doing so, they increased positive press and social engagement around the Lucky Charms brand among adults — who make up over 40% of Lucky Charms consumers.

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How they made it work:

  • Asked users to engage in an online conversation by tweeting or posting Instagram photos that answer the question, “What are you #LuckyToBe?”
  • Worked with Spredfast Experiences to aggregate social content and build a Luckyto.Be Tumblr containing General Mills and UGC alike.
  • Social Hub site included four Spredfast Experience visualizations: a “Fill in the Blank” encouraging visitors to tweet their stories; Photo Wall and Spotlight streams highlighting social content in real-time within the Tumblr experience, and a Counter showing the overall volume of the social conversation.
  • Used paid media and sponsored stories on Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook to reach a new fan base while encouraging the existing fan base to join the #LuckyToBe movement.
  • Complemented these efforts with live events throughout Pride Month, even creating photo opportunities with “#LuckyToBe_____” T-shirts that could then be posted to Instagram and aggregated onto the Tumblr slot.
“The result [of our efforts] was a new brand platform that leveraged social technologies in a fresh way to express pride, and forged new emotional connections to an emerging consumer segment in a contemporary and relevant way.” — Sharon Panelo, Strategy Director at McCann New York