Unlimited social data. Smarter marketing decisions.

Inform marketing campaigns and content strategy.

Access real-time insights and historical data to plan campaigns that resonate. Instantly understand content performance and use smart data to optimize paid social campaigns.

Know your audience.

Gain an instant snapshot of your audience and what they’re talking about to inform your social media and business strategy. Identify influencers for your brand, campaigns, and competitors.

Streamline reporting of social media analytics from micro trends to major campaigns.

Spend less time reporting on results and more time achieving them. Instantly measure campaign performance and stay ahead of competitors with share of voice analysis.

Make the intelligent choice.

"With [Intelligence], we have the ability to listen to what our audience is saying, and then find creative opportunities to engage around topics that interest them. [Intelligence] is a game-changer because it not only allows us to surface conversations, but also enables us to chime in on lifestyle moments that inspire them."
- Sarah Bove, Interactive Strategy Associate at Nestle Ice Cream
"[Intelligence] surfaces important moments in our target audience’s lives, while providing the tools we need to join the conversation. The ability to tune-in to our consumers' interests and amplify a contextually relevant message in our brand voice helps us engage our people in an authentic and timely way."
- Scott Burton, Director of Marketing at Champs