Spredfast Empowers Social Teams to Work Smarter with Actionable Insights

Spredfast Performance Index gives brands the only way to easily evaluate social performance within unique business context to drive real results 

AUSTIN, TX – April 24, 2014 – Spredfast, the only social marketing platform to manage, integrate, and amplify social content across any digital touchpoint in real-time, today announced general availability of the Spredfast Performance Index. This innovative solution empowers brands and media to easily evaluate social performance within the context of each unique business and help teams work smarter to improve social business impact. Spredfast also offers best-in-class analytics to deliver unprecedented visibility and comparative insights that brands can use to strengthen their social tactics.

“For most organizations today, social teams are tasked with managing their social strategy across a wide range of brands and channels. They need a fast, easy way to understand social performance for each brand and insights that will allow for immediate action,” said Rod Favaron, CEO of Spredfast. “Social teams no longer need to comb through dozens of spreadsheets and reports to understand what's working. Using Spredfast’s robust analytics capabilities, brands can easily understand social’s impact on their bottom line and can work smarter to deliver great social experiences that build lasting relationships.” Spredfast understands the immense power of social data and the potential it offers brands to drive their social business forward.

The Spredfast Performance Index introduces a customizable algorithm for brands to uniquely measure success. For the first time, brands can prove real business impact of social and have the data to improve social tactics in real-time. Instead of fixed measurements and generic external benchmarking, brands now can:

  • Customize how each brand defines reach, activity, and engagement, along with their respective priorities and goals.
  • Track the progress of social programs to defined business objectives, so teams can quickly improve tactics.
  • Understand how social activities impact business goals, and easily communicate social success to C-suite stakeholders.

As a global food company, with brands such as Campbell’s, Pepperidge Farm, Prego, and V8, Campbell Soup Company manages a portfolio where each brand has unique target audiences, specific value propositions, and individual business goals. The Spredfast Performance Index will allow Campbell to understand how each brand is tracking toward their respective social program goals, as well as how social is impacting the overall bottom line at a deeper level. “We're constantly looking to connect both new and loyal consumers to Campbell brands around the world in personally relevant ways,” said Marci Raible, Director, Global Media at Campbell Soup Company. “We chose the Spredfast Performance Index to gain meaningful social insights and keep a constant, fresh pulse on our social engagement.”

Spredfast Insights is a critical component of the Spredfast Social Relationship Platform. Enhanced functionality provides social teams with an easy, visual way to show the compelling impact of social. A performance dashboard measures the effectiveness of an organization’s social program through an aggregated view of all social properties. Social teams can drill even further for a closer look at individual accounts and messages, such as audience insights, engagement trends, and content analysis. Spredfast Insights also delivers robust comparative analytics that enable brands to perform side-by-side comparisons of accounts, initiatives, content labels, and more. “We know that having a vibrant and engaged customer community positively impacts our brand reputation,” said Lacy Rohre, content and social media manager at National Instruments. “With the ability to quickly assess social content effectiveness or compare overall social account performance trends, Spredfast Insights really helps us better understand our social customer and what’s resonating to ultimately drive the engagement and web traffic we’re after.”

As a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, Spredfast was also recently awarded the Facebook Insights Badge, furthering the Spredfast analytics experience for more than 300 enterprise brands. This recognition is only given to those who have tools and tips that define new metrics and make meaningful recommendations, an intuitive design, a wide range of metrics, ads API integrations, and a wealth of advanced features. 

About Spredfast

Spredfast gives marketers the solutions needed to manage their brand and connect with consumers in an increasingly social world. The Spredfast social marketing platform sifts through millions of pieces of social content per minute, so brands can participate in individual conversations or amplify relevant content across any digital screen. By empowering customers to engage in real-time, backed by comprehensive data, Spredfast creates more meaningful interactions between brands and consumers. Spredfast customers manage over one billion social connections across 84 countries and have the power to process 650 million pieces of social content per day in multiple languages. Over 600 customers, including all five major broadcast networks and fifty percent of Interbrand’s 2013 World’s Best Brands have partnered with Spredfast to create first-class social experiences.

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