Spredfast Launches Facebook Tab Management to Engage the Social Customer

AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 31, 2012  -- Spredfast, a leading social media management system provider, today announced Facebook tab creation and management functionality to allow enterprises, brands and agencies to engage social customers with a richer brand experience. By incorporating the new tab functionality into the Spredfast social media management platform, users can not only use tabs to expand their Facebook presence for a more customized interaction with their community, but can continue to maintain a holistic view of all social media programs from one system. "We are constantly evaluating how social networks are expanding their capabilities to determine the potential benefit these features can provide in helping our customers better achieve business goals using social," said Keith Zoellner, Spredfast CTO.  "Building Facebook tab functionality into our platform is just one example of our pursuit to continually improve our product and it further adds to our ability to provide value to our customers by helping them be as innovative and successful in their social media initiatives as possible." Facebook tabs provide enterprises and agencies with a unique opportunity to interact with customers and prospects in a more engaging and interactive way. However, creating, managing and updating these tabs can pose a challenge to social media teams of all sizes.  Using the Spredfast social media management platform, users can streamline this process by choosing from a library of flexible, built-in template layouts and modules to create a tab that's supported across multiple browsers and is reliably hosted by Spredfast.  Users can also collaborate with the Spredfast Facebook experience team for help in creating a more customized tab layout and look that aligns to an organization's brand identity and objectives. The new platform functionality provides Spredfast users with the ability to:

Design custom Facebook tab layouts "“ Users can choose from the built-in library of templates and widgets to design layouts that incorporate text, photos, videos, quizzes, contests, promotions and registration forms.
Implement different versions of tabs based on country or language "“ Organizations can quickly create various versions of a Facebook tab that maintains corporate branding, but resonates with a more targeted audience based on language or country for improved localization.
Create sophisticated layouts with multiple tabs, levels of navigation, sub-navigation and fan-gates "“ Users can create tabs that are as simple or sophisticated as needed to achieve their company's business objectives or campaign goals.


About Spredfast

Spredfast gives marketers the solutions needed to manage their brand and connect with consumers in an increasingly social world. The Spredfast social marketing platform sifts through millions of pieces of social content per minute, so brands can participate in individual conversations or amplify relevant content across any digital screen. By empowering customers to engage in real-time, backed by comprehensive data, Spredfast creates more meaningful interactions between brands and consumers. Spredfast customers manage over one billion social connections across 84 countries and have the power to process 650 million pieces of social content per day in multiple languages. Over 600 customers, including all five major broadcast networks and fifty percent of Interbrand’s 2013 World’s Best Brands have partnered with Spredfast to create first-class social experiences.

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