Creating Content People Crave

When developing content for scripted, live, or breaking news programs, it’s critical to have your finger on the pulse of your audience, the culture, and the world at large. Social data gives you the instant focus group you’ve always needed, revealing what people want and care about in real time, all the time.

With Creating Content People Crave, we set out to show media and entertainment producers the daily opportunities to discover what matters most to your audience — and how to leverage what you find out.

Using real-world scenarios, this quick read covers:

  • New ways for scripted programs to increase viewership and keep fans dedicated
  • How breaking news programs can get a jump on the competition
  • Why live events need instant social data maybe more than any other show
  • Opportunities for leveraging every micro-moment for maximum impact
  • How social can help you fine-tune your sponsorship packages
  • And much more

Download Creating Content People Crave to learn exactly how social data can inform and enhance every content decision you make.

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