Preview of Trendology: Data-Driven Real-Time Marketing

Trendology: Capitalizing on Real Time Marketing Using Social Data

Oreo. Kit-Kat. Arby’s. Nissan.  If you are a social marketer, these names mean more than just snack foods, fast food, or automobiles. All of these brands have won big with real-time marketing, by engaging their audience on topics that are already top of mind.

As a social marketer, you have probably asked yourself—is this just the latest marketing fad? I’ve seen a few brands and media companies win big, but is it just a fluke? If it’s here to stay, how can I prepare my brand to succeed with a real-time marketing strategy? 

We’re sharing the introduction to Trendology, a new book by Chris Kerns, Spredfast’s Director of Analytics & Research, so that you can start to answer some of your most pressing questions about real-time marketing. Trendology not only shows that real-time marketing is here to stay, but gives brands and media companies the tools and guidance to build out a smart, data-driven approach to the newest marketing trend. Download your free copy of the introduction and get:

  • a brief history of real-time marketing’s evolution
  • an introduction to a data-backed, goals-driven approach to real-time marketing
  • a compelling case for incorporating real-time, all the time, to create regular conversations that are welcomed by consumers.
  • a preview of the different types of real-time marketing, and how performance stacks up across different brands and media companies (including Disney, MTV, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, BMW, J.C. Penney, Nike, Sony, IKEA, and many more) 

Watch how trends drive real-time results:

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