The Smart Social Report: How to Tap into Trendsetters to Anticipate the Next Big Thing

/ SmartSocial® Report

In our Smart Social Report series, our marketing team looks at the most efficient ways to use social data to predict trends. In past reports, we’ve explored why 89% of customer tweets directed at brands go unanswered, or how in-store experiences can drive customer loyalty.

In this report, we turned our heads to look at 2019 trend predictions: how can marketing analysts use social data to uncover trends that will likely dominate social conversations in the near future? Every marketer wants to know what content to plan for the days, weeks, and months ahead—social data offers intelligent insights that are immediately available, given the right analytics approach.

This report offers a step-by-step guide on how marketers can tap into trendsetters and leverage social data to plan relevant content on their own social channels. Use this report to deliver content that connects to the hottest trends when they’re at their peak. We also share our predictions for three big trends marketers should be paying attention to when planning content for 2019.

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