The Smart Social Report: The Impact of In-Store Experiences on Brand Awareness

In this Smart Social Report, our research team analyzed hundreds of thousands of Instagram posts to answer: how relevant is the in-store customer experience for retail brands in 2018?

As more and more retail purchases occur online rather than in-store, we began to wonder how the impact of the brick-and-mortar is changing over time. To understand the impact of in-store shopping, the team used a four-pronged approach to gather the most comprehensive list of brand mentions from customers posting to Instagram from within six major retail stores.

In this report, you’ll find:

  • Our approach to aggregating brand mentions from the everyday shopper, rather than relying solely on at-mentions or hashtag mentions
  • Key drivers encouraging customers to snap photos in-store
  • The percentage of brand mentions that occur in-store versus elsewhere

Click "submit" to find out why despite a surge in online retail sales, the in-store experience remains a vital aspect of retail branding.


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