The Smart Social Report: Instagram Marketing for Restaurants—Who’s Leading the Pack

Restaurant Marketing on Instagram - Research

When you want to spend your marketing dollars wisely and make sure your campaigns truly speak your customer's language, you rely on market research. Whether you’re making sure a new idea makes sense for the market or fixing past mistakes, market research has long been a reliable answer—but it's also pricey and time-consuming. Because of this, market research is often a luxury afforded to only the biggest brand advertisers.

But thanks to social, marketers essentially have access to a full market research report at a moment’s notice. Lack of data is no longer a problem facing marketers—if anything, it’s the inverse. So what kind of data is worth tracking to learn more about your target market? And how can social data help you unlock unexpected insights about, for example, geography and brand preference?

With these questions in mind, we set about analyzing data from branded hashtags across the United States. We chose to hone in on food, to see what regional differences exist—and what we can learn from those differences about restaurant marketing on Instagram.