The Smart Social Report: Volume Two

Data to Drive Your Social Strategy

We know that each passing quarter only inspires more questions for your already-sophisticated social team. Because you’re forward-looking and thinking, you might ask questions like: What social network is seeing the most engagement with companies? What’s the next truly hot social network ripe for marketers? And who is leading the industry by setting the social trends that might provide your team inspiration?

With our Smart Social Report: Volume 2, we answer all of these questions, so your team can digest and then take actionable steps toward a more efficient, productive social strategy.

Our team did the nuts-and-bolts research so that you can discover:

  • a new, data-driven way to manage how you post
  • how to create an effective engagement strategy on Reddit the hidden opportunities for fan and brand engagement alike on messaging apps
  • critical insights from big players like Ford, the BBC, and Nescafé

Download the Smart Social Report: Volume 2 to inform your social strategy and unearth metrics that will fuel your success.

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