The Smart Social Report: What Instagram Data Reveals About Traveler Personas

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In this Smart Social Report, we demonstrate an innovative, data-driven approach to persona research that resolves the downfalls of traditional methods that tend rely on inaccurate assumptions and yield insights that are quickly outdated. Using keyword-based searches for a combination of terms, hashtags, and Instagram bio terms, we created a framework that quickly identifies important customer personas and the unique interests and psychographic characteristics of each.

We looked to the travel industry to illustrate how this method works, answering questions about four key travel personas, including:

  • What time of year is each persona most likely to travel?
  • What are the activity preferences of each persona?
  • How do location preferences differ? Do some personas prefer beaches over cruises, mountainous locations, or cities?
  • What motivates each persona to travel? Adventure? Relaxation? Education?
  • How is travel motivation impacted by seasonality?
  • What destinations are each personna most likely to visit?

Though we focused on travel, this approach can be used by any industry. To find out how to identify your brand’s unique personas, and how to translate the social data attached to each audience into actionable marketing insights, click “submit” to the right.



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