The Smart Social Report: Matching Facebook Reactions to Post Intent

Facebook Reactions: Why Context is Critical 

Marketing with Emotion: Navigating the Challenges

In our Smart Social Report series, our research team analyzes social data to bring you key insights that will help you make smarter social marketing decisions. In our report titled, Facebook Reactions: Why Context is Critical, we use data from the Facebook political discourse of Texas U.S. Representatives to explore how brands can determine whether their Facebook posts are eliciting intended reactions from their audience. 

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Gain data-driven insight from emotional social media discussions
  • Understand if your posts are eliciting the Facebook Reactions you intend 
  • Test different target emotions to understand what emotion your audience responds to most
  • And more!

Download Facebook Reactions: Why Context is Critical to discover data-supported social trends to drive your social success today.

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