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Community Management

Take fan participation from social to any screen
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Take fan participation from social to any screen

Superbowl XLIX seized the social moment to engage 9 million fans

Using Spredfast as their social media command center, the NFL was able to play an active role in the conversations surrounding the Super Bowl. They monitored real-time trends, discovered relevant content, and benchmarked their efforts alongside past performance. By using Spredfast, they increased fan participation with social screens, both on-air and in-venue.
For Superbowl XLIX, the NFL managed the championship chatter.

US Olympic Committee Connected with Global Fans Using Team USA Social Hub

The United States Olympic Committee teamed up with Spredfast to create a single responsive social hub for fans and athletes to engage throughout the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. It combined onsite, online, and mobile apps, resulting in 21% higher engagement than London 2012 and 250% higher than Vancouver 2010. Our gold-medal partnership amassed the USOC 107,028 new Twitter followers — that’s 2x more than the London games, and 2.9 million unique visitors throughout the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Once again, the USOC is teaming up with Spredfast to create an unmatched social experience for fans and athletes throughout the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.
The Sochi Social Hub amassed 107,028 new followers for the USOC

Atlanta Hawks go one-on-one with their fans

Using Spredfast Conversations, the Atlanta Hawks enhanced their one-on-one fan engagement, campaign tracking, and optimized content planning and publishing. With Spredfast Intelligence, the Hawks were able to develop valuable insights into their fanbase and sponsorship programs. Now their digital team's ability to provide social reporting to executive staff and corporate partners has vastly increased the value of their marketing.
With valuable fanbase tracking, the Atlanta Hawks now know when to strike.

NYRR increased their social audience by 50%

The NYRR hosts two of the largest races in the world and needed a partner to help them manage their incoming customer care requests. They chose Spredfast Conversations to respond and traffic care requests effectively. At the same time, they were able to take advantage of advanced social media analytics to see a clear picture of their customer care and social campaign effectiveness.
NYRR handles customer care at the largest races in the world.


Boost sponsorship value with fan engagement
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Boost sponsorship value with fan engagement

USTA lands big sponsorship deals for social screens

The United States Tennis Association worked with Spredfast to produce sponsored Experiences with IBM, American Express, and Esurance for the US Open. Spredfast collaborations included a Social Trendcast feature on the US Open app, custom visualizations for venue jumbotrons, social sales direct from UGC content, and a sponsored social contest for charity.
USTA puts IBM, American Express, and eSurance at social center court.

NBA creates valuable sponsorship opportunities with fan activations

Spredfast works with the NBA digital team to enable fan participation and sponsorship. First came the NBA Pulse, a trending player leaderboard and Big Moments graph that created valuable sponsorship opportunities with a number of major brands including State Farm, BBVA Compass, Gatorade and more. Then Spredfast and the NBA built Spotlight, a social aggregator of all things NBA as well as Mount Rushmore which let fans select the players they would chisel into their NBA Mount Rushmore.
Capitalizing on big moments, the NBA provides social experiences fans can't resist.

USA Swimming put their fans center stage

USA Swimming tasked Spredfast to capture the online conversations taking place at their various national sporting events and deliver them to audiences in a fun and engaging way. So, at the Phillips 66 National Swimming competition, fans who couldn't attend were able to have their content featured on the big screen. The sport itself drew an audience, but the added social components activated a social crowd of highly-involved fans.
USA Swimming was able to provide sponsorship value through interactive social visualizations.

Ganassi turns a social profit

Working in conjunction with Spredfast, Chip Ganassi Racing creates unique social activations that their fans and sponsors value. With the ability to easily pull social insights from the Spredfast platform, they've been able show proven value to their corporate partners. As a result, Chip Ganassi Racing has successfully monetized their social marketing efforts and converted their social team from a cost-center to a profit-center.
Chip Ganassi Racing were able to reach millennials in a highly interactive way.


Make smarter decisions with stronger data
Explore the projects:
Make smarter decisions with stronger data

How ESPN proves social ROI

ESPN leverages the Spredfast Conversations platform to gain insights with social media analytics. ESPN is able to prove business impact and inform their social media strategy with easy-to-share data visualizations and customizable reports.
ESPN proves bottom-line business impact with Spredfast's customizable reporting.

Green Bay Packers extend their social reach

The Packers utilized Spredfast Conversations and Intelligence to accomplish several goals: They wanted the ability to monitor new follower counts of their players and their players' social reach on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They also wanted the real-time ability to look at what their sponsors were doing and how sponsorship programs were performing in the social sphere. The Packers partnered with Spredfast to provide the solutions to accomplish their organization's goals.
The Packers extend their reach by leveraging their player's social success.

ACC discovers a hidden fanbase

The ACC is arguably the most dominant basketball conference in the world. While their passionate basketball fanbase has a big voice on social, their football fanbase is less prominent on social. Partnering with Spredfast, the ACC was able to inform their decisions with critical social data that's always just a search away.
The ACC used Spredfast Intelligence to access and connect to a new social fanbase.

Social data fuels every Bears business department

The Chicago Bears want to be able to support sales and provide feedback for sponsors on the various sponsor programs. The Bears tapped Spredfast Intelligence to go deeper into their social data, both in real-time and historically. Their ability to have unlimited, unmetered search capability offers the Bears the flexibility to empower different groups across the business, ranging from social, to digital, to sponsorship sales.
From sponsors to sales, the Bears use Intelligence to infuse social data into every aspect of the organization.

No matter what sports market you’re in, Spredfast can help you dominate with data.

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